Monday, February 22, 2010


Just curious:
Who did you look up to in your youth? Was in a celebrity, or musician? Or someone you knew? Why did you look up to them or want to be like them?

For me, I really wanted to be in a rock band which was pretty uncommon for girls. I don't remember too many girls in rock bands when I was growing up. Especially not in the Christian music industry. Sure, ther
e was Jackie Valesquez, and Amy Grant etc...but they definitely dont count! It wasn't until around my senior year of high school that the band 'Flyleaf started to become big, then Fireflight, and now Im really into Lights (not Christian...more of an electric style). I was really into music when I was in high school. I was always looking for new bands to discover, making mix Cds and going to concerts a lot. But when I started dating/ got engaged to Shaun I lost my love for music. I think maybe its because we dont listen to a lot of the same bands, or maybe it wouldve happened regardless of my surroundings. But anyways, Im starting to get back into it a little bit. My mom took me, my sister and her boyfriend to see Owl City (touring with the band Lights) in Columbus a few weeks ago, then my friend Andy talked me into going to hear his band Dolson (which Ive heard in the past but it had been years), and now I just purchased tickets to go see Copeland for their last tour (very bittersweet) :( . . . When we went to my friends show, my mom bought the other bands CD's too which she let me put on my ipod. They are really awesome! (Green River Ordinance and Sleeperstar)

Well, off to probably take a nap!!
Have a great day everyone!


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