Sunday, November 29, 2009


Just a collaboration of my thoughts:

A couple of weeks ago at church, we talked about how much time we spend on the internet, watching tv etc...and I already knew that I clearly spend way too much time on Facebook. I averaged out how much time I spend on there, and it ended up being about 9 hours a week! That following week, I got it down to only 3 1/2 hours (if I was doing my math right - haha)...well, for this past week I was on an average of 4 1/2 it went up, but that's still a whole lot better than it used to be!

I can not believe it is almost Christmas! I wish I took more pics at Thanksgiving, but I really wasnt feeling motivated. usually Aunt Karen takes lots of pics with her old fashioned film camera - haha - but they were out of town so Greg took some with his super fancy camera. Still only got one pic of me, and a couple of Matthew though. Last year we got professional pics for Christmas, but Im thinking we'll wait till after Christmas this time...maybe Ill just see if that could be my birthday gift - Matthew will be 18 months in February, and last time we got professionals, he was 4 months old I think. Somewhere around there at least.

We have so many leftovers its disgusting! We did a murder mystery dinner the night before Thanksgivig - I made a big thing of lasagna and a little one too just in case people wanted seconds. there was leftovers of the big one actually, since there was also salad, garlic bread we left the rest of the 'big pan' at Aunt Shelley's for them to have, and we took the little one with us. so that's what we had for lunch today.

Im kind of glad I had a coffee date in the afternoon today, because otherwise I probably would've been incredibly lazy all day. Its actually kind of nice out, but for some reason Sunday afternoons just make me want to sleep! Why is that?

We are looking at houses now, and we are hoping to buy before April so we can use the $8,000 tax credit thingy for first home buyers. Which means...One step closer to getting a DOG! :D My family growing up has had 2 dogs (seperate times), one cat, some gerbils, goldfish and a rabbit. Shaun however has had one rabbit, in his whole life. He just doesnt understand what it's like to have a pet that you love. But, maybe when we get a house he'll eventually suprise me with one, or just let me go get one! There's a really cute 8 month old female spaniel/labrador mix at the shelter by us - it says she's a very nice dog - there are also Australian Shepherd/Labrador mix puppies there right now! SO CUTE!
This one is Harry:

Okay, well Im done here...Ill try to write again soon :)