Friday, June 25, 2010


So many things going on in life...I'm more excited than overwhelmed right now, but I feel the stress starting to creep up.
1) Shaun got a full-time teaching job for the fall!!!!!!!!!
- for those of you who don't know us personally, we got married in August of 2007. My husband was in school still but I decided not to waste my money on school if I didn't know what I wanted to do as a career (I now know I want to be a doula). So we got married knowing we would only have one person's school debt to pay off instead of 2, plus my husband has always been very good with money. He had saved up enough from his high school/ early college years that we could afford to get married and also had a good paying part time job. It was a little difficult, Id be lying if I didn't admit that, but well worth it. Anyways, he graduated December 2008 (4 months after our son was born). He worked 3 months (March-May) at an urban school in Cleveland at an after school program (along with his previous part-time job). When he didn't find a job that coming school year he got offered the job as the head teacher of the after school program. He did that for a year (still, along with the part-time job at Progressive Insurance). It was really tough for him. The kids were very disrespectful and he felt like he was babysitting more than teaching. So when school ended this year, honestly I was a little worried he wouldn't find anything again, or at least not something he would really enjoy.
-How he got the job for the fall:
I was at a baby shower sitting by 2 girls I've met before but did not know very well. They both teach (or taught) at a Christian school kind of in the middle of nowhere. They were saying that the only male teacher at the middle school was moving up to the high school so the school was looking for another male teacher. They got Shaun in for an interview which went pretty well. Even though Shaun (or should I say 'we') have promised to use the gifts God has bestowed on us for His glory, teaching in a Christian school just wouldn't be Shaun's passion. He would really love to use his career as a mission field. There are a lot of kids out there who have really hard home lives, or are just searching for something Greater than themselves. I'm not saying he's going to be preaching in the classroom, but actions speak louder than words and if any of the kids find out he's a Christian all he has to do is show by his actions that living for God instead of yourself is well worth it! Anyways, At the interview at the Christian school, there was a man there who is on the board (of Agape Christian) but is the principal of a public middle school, again, out in the middle of nowhere. He liked Shaun so much that he asked the Christian school if he could interview Shaun for a position open at the middle school and he called Shaun. I am so amazed how God worked all of this out! The principal called him, and Shaun didn't even apply to that school, plus - he doesn't even have a degree for the position they needed to fill (Technology teacher)! They had an interview and Shaun said he was willing to take some classes and the principal said Shaun can work along side the math teacher and social studies teacher and maybe even take over one of those if the position eventually opens up. So, they offered Shaun the job yesterday and he said YES!!! Like I said its in the middle of nowhere. I mean NOWHERE! Amish country. All they have there is a giant cheese factory.

okay, I'm going to have to finish this post later. Enjoy what's here so far!