Monday, March 15, 2010

What really matters

My sister was talking to me about how much she misses the way everyone at college was more outgoing in their worship. That really challenged me to think about why I'm not more outgoing in my worship lately. I cant remember the last time I regularly raised my hands during worship every week and just totally focused on God during that time. Lately I find myself trying to close my eyes and focus on the words but then I realize I'm thinking about something silly like what we're going to eat for lunch, or even things that have already happened like what I ate for lunch the day before. Anyways...Ive been trying more lately to read my Bible daily, but I could be better with my prayer time. I still feel like it's hard to focus on God throughout my day, but what really matters is that I'm trying, right?


Starickfamily4 said...

That's so funny that you wrote this because this is EXACTLY what I was thinking today. It has been in the back of my mind for a month, but I've been super busy with our new addition. Then, this morning, it was brought to my attention again in my GIG devotional. I made 30 minutes of time today and I felt really good about it. I totally know what you mean about spacing out during worship and even prayer because I do it every single time lately. I get so frustrated with myself and am working on that myself! Good luck to you with your focus :)

WSpence said...

I'm glad I'm not alone, although I wish you were able to focus more too! Praying for you as always my friend <3

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