Monday, July 2, 2012

A New Day

For those (probably few) of you who actually read my blog, you're probably thinking "WHOA! Whitney is posting so soon after her last post!?" Yes, it is true! This is not a dream! When I get free time, I am usually cleaning my house, or attempting to at least. And when I do get on a computer, I am catching up on emails! I have 202 right now but definitely need a break right now! (Elle is currently sleeping :))
What's new? Well, the husband has a summer school teaching job out near Geneva which is wonderful! God is so good! We definitely need the extra money since I wasn't working or getting any pay while on maternity leave from watching kids (which doesn't exactly bring us a ton of money). It seems like the perfect fit for him too, other than the fact that he is teaching algebra 2 to high school boys even though he is certified in Middle School math. The *Dean didn't seem to mind. *(It is a private all boys boarding school which costs $38,000/year!) The good thing is he only has 2 students, so it's not too overwhelming for him to be teaching something he's not super familiar with. I went to the school with him for a dinner and we brought the kids. I loved it there. I'm kind of jealous because it seems like such a great community of people. The teachers and their families live on campus which is awesome because you become on giant family, you don't have to drive to work, you don't have to pay a mortgage or rent and you can even eat in the cafeteria with the students whenever you want which saves money on food for you too! 
Anyways...I am on a mission to lose this baby weight which is proving to be harder than I remember with the other two. I have 'dieted' for 3 weeks now and have not lost any weight. I still asked if I'm pregnant and although it's only been 8 weeks since I had Elle it's frustrating because i am trying. I need to be more self-controlled when I'm at other peoples houses or in public because I see it as an opportunity to go off my diet a little (which sometimes turns into a lot). I am pretty good at sticking to eating healthy at home but sometimes my portions are probably too large or even if I'm already full I still eat more. I KNOW what I need to do, but doing it is the hard part. I also have not worked out at all really but I am signing up for a stroller fitness class that my friend is teaching which will be awesome. I have to admit that I am afraid of embarrassing myself because I am SO out of shape! But hey, everyone has to start somewhere, right? So, basically I need to start working out, and possibly cut back on the carbs and my portion sizes and hopefully I can lose some weight by mid-August for a wedding we are attending. I would love to start 'The Maker's Diet' at the beginning (Phase One) because that's the detox part but I'm not sure that's a good idea with breastfeeding so I'm just sticking to the usual big parts of it which is no pig, shellfish etc...I should obviously be staying away from corn-syrup and white-refined flours but it's hard not to pass up a root beer when I'm at someone's house, or chips with dip. Not too mention my mom is allergic to whole wheat stuff so she only has white bread. 
I should really be getting my little guys to be eating healthy. My mother in law buys us stuff from Sams Club which happens to be mostly junk, like huge boxes of waffles, toaster strudels, sugary cereal, crackers that have 1000 ingredients listed etc...She has good intentions but it makes it hard to eat healthy. Sometimes she will buy us fruit or milk for Wil because he drinks almond or coconut milk. 
Well, Hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July!!!!!!! We will be having both of our families to our house to grill out, with our first bonfire experience with Matthew!


Michelle said...

Wow! I guess its been a while because I didn't realize you had a 3rd baby. That's awesome!! Congrats to your family! The weight will come off little by little. Don't stress yourself over it. Small changes make a big difference over time. :)

WSpence said...

It has been a while, I'm not very good at this blogging thing I guess. The post before this one was about having baby #3 and the last post before that was in January! yikes! Thanks for the encouragement! Hope you're doing well!

Amelia said...

It takes soooo long to lose baby weight, and it makes me crazy! But! But! If you are breastfeeding, it will come off! I have been doing Baby Boot Camp (a stroller fitness class) for about 9 months and I am now probably in the best shape of my life - even though I still have a dress size to drop. I know from experience that it won't go away until I stop nursing, so that's comforting, but what's more comforting is the fact that I can do 55 pushups in a row and my arm and leg muscles are outstanding! You'll get there, chin up!

WSpence said...

Amelia - first of all its great to see that I have a couple of people reading my blog, so I know it's not all for nothing :) Someone once told me that it takes 9 months for your body to stretch out and gain weight when your pregnant, so it should take 9 months (at least) to go all back down. I just keep trying to tell myself (especially since she's only 9 weeks!)...I did a stroller fitness class today! It goes 5 weeks and my best friend teaches it so I hope she can help me stick with it as long as she's teaching it. I hope she continues in the winter, indoor somewhere! Have you done it indoors? I appreciate the encouraging words!

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