Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter outfit

Matthew seemed to go through shoes really quickly in his first 5 months of walking (11 months - 16ish months). My in-laws bought him his first pair at Stride Rite. A really nice (kind of expensive) pair of brown ones with a little bit of black in them. They were perfect because he could wear them with anything black or brown. Well, about a month after having them we lost one of them. Most likely from him thinking they were toys he could run around with. We still haven't found it to this day (he is 20 months old now). Then I bought him a really cute pair of blue ones at Target which he only wore for maybe about 2 months before we lost one. I did find it in my car about a month ago when I was cleaning it out, but now they don't fit anymore of course. Does anyone else seem to have this problem??
I then bought him a new pair of blue ones at Target although they're not as cute as the first blue pair. He has actually had those ever since (6 months now?). However, those would not look good with his fancy Easter outfit, so my mother-in-law bought him a pair of brown shoes. Im pretty sure these are the shoes.

Anyways, I CAN NOT wait to put his Easter outfit on him. It looks something like this, but I will probably post pictures of him actually wearing it soon. The only difference with the outfit is that our tie is more of a blue color and I think the vest is more vintage looking. And the pants were the same color as the vest, but I think we are going to put navy colored pants on him because the other ones were a little big.

Those of you who have kids - are you doing Easter outfits this year?
Do you yourself as an adult still buy something special for Easter? I think I am going to wear a dress or skirt instead of pants.