Saturday, October 30, 2010

Can't get focused...

"Even in her thinking place, she still couldn't get focused."

Well, I don't want to make any promises, but I'm going to TRY to make an effort to blog more often. Even if it's just once a week, I'd be happy with that! The problem is that my husband takes the laptop to work with him, so the only time I would be able to do it is in the evenings or on the weekends! Not to mention that he's usually using the laptop for his sports things, or lesson plans, or even things for coaching basketball. Then, if he's not on the laptop, I feel guilty for being on it because thats time we could be spending together. Basically the perfect scenario for blogging is if he's playing with Matthew (like right now), not here, or watching something on TV that I'm not interested in. Because, sorry blogging friends - but my husband takes priority over blogging :)

So, if you couldn't tell...I'm having a hard time being focused today. I have this free time to blog since Shaun is upstairs (probably fell asleep since Matthew is now down here, unless Shaun is playing with trains or puzzles - haha) but yet I can not quite figure out what to write about...

Sure, I could write about the fact that my due date for baby #2 was and my doctor wants to induce me on Wednesday, which I'm not thrilled about c
onsidering I'm a huge advocate for natural birth. I almost feel like God wants me to go through the experience of getting induced so that when I'm a doula (taking classes in March), I can speak to other women about it from my own point of view. Wow, I'm really staying positive here, aren't I? I think a little too positive. Part of me want to argue with my OB about being induced, but I know she is the professional and I do trust her. So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray that this baby decides to come before Wednesday! I do have an appointment again on Monday to test the baby's heartbeat for 15 minutes and test me for contractions too. The most annoying part of not having this baby (besides being excited every time I get contractions then being disappointed when I realize they are just braxton hicks), is feeling like I'm ready for the birthing process one day, then the next day I'm really nervous and scared, and back and forth.
Okay, so maybe I do have a lot on my mind right now, but I'm just kind of tired of talking about the fact that I'm past my due date now.
Because I love pictures, here are some randoms since I haven't posted any lately:

- Shaun and I on our anniversary date in August
Matthew's new fascination - rides like these...he says "coins please" and..."ride?"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Come, Holy Spirit"

A few weeks ago, Pastor Ken challenged us to pray a simple prayer each day..."Come, Holy Spirit". When I pray this, I get such a peace and I hope that the rest of our community will remember to pray it as well!

Today, er...yesterday, was my due date (the 26th) - My new prediction/s...Well, Friday would be nice because Shaun would have the whole weekend to be with us, then a whole week off, plus another weekend - But, I'm thinking November 2, 2010, will be the day. Why? well, only because on the 3rd, my OB would like to induce me. I'm hoping the baby will take that as a threat and come out before hand! Preferably labor would start anywhere from 9am till noon and maybe have the baby around 3 or 4, because it would be really nice to have the morning to relax and then have the evening for visitors to come! Hey, I can dream, cant I? :)