Saturday, July 13, 2013


So...These pictures are the definition of happiness to me.
I love hugs from my baby girl.
Update: She is such a momma's girl but I think a big part of that is the fact that she is still breast-fed. Partly my choice, partly hers. I wanted to go until the 12 month mark but I am happy to supply her with the most healthy thing she will probably ever consume, a little bit longer. She nurses at least 4 times a day still on average. Sometimes more if we're home all day and sometimes less if we're gone all day. Sometimes it gets on my nerves if she just drank/ate and then asks again 30 mins later because mostly it is a comfort to her, but I also enjoy it because is such a bonding experience and it is a quick and easy fix when she is fussy! I'm curious to see how long we go, but I do know that whenever that day comes I think I will be very sad in a way. (I will also be happy to wear a REAL bra all of the time!)
 Sorry - hope that wasnt TMI. I'm have a tendency to over-share.
Please excuse our mess :) 
I also love hugs from my oldest!
He will be 5 on the 31st of this month! Where does the time go?!?! 
He wants a batman party this year and it will be at our house again. We started filling out the invites and he is writing all the names on the envelopes...I guess we should be practicing more with him over the summer because he is not doing so well. Yikes! Its amazing how much you can forget in a months time!
We are still unsure if he will go to Kindergarten or Pre-K...He is signed up for Kindergarten already but we would prefer Pre-K at the preschool he just went to this past year for 4 year old preschool. We figure it can't hurt to wait an extra year just to be sure he is ready mentally and emotionally. All I need to do is send in the registration which I have already filled out. Is it really that hard? ugh. Just never motivated when I think of it.
 And this cute kid?
Look at that smile!! That ornery 2nd child smile that hooks you in :) 
I was the 2nd child, so I can relate. I guess I was the crazy one too. Its too bad Im ending up with 2 crazy kids! (Unfortunately) Elle is following right along in Wil's footsteps as far as being crazy goes. She climbs the couches all by herself, 'crawls' up the stairs as fast as she can and thinks its hilarious when she does so, and runs right toward the street when you tell her no. She also just started hitting and telling us 'NO' which she gets from her other big brother, the oldest one.
Anyways, back to the middle child...Theres not much else to say other than he's crazy but we love him so much! He is learning something new everyday and is always making us laugh. He is also becoming more cuddly than he was for a while and I'm loving it. Oh, and he IS potty trained officially!! At 2 1/2!! Thats big progress for us considering the oldest was 3 when he was potty trained. That might not sound like a lot but 6 months is a big difference when it comes to buying diapers!! He probably only has a few accidents a week at the most whether we are out somewhere or at home!

Hoping to get back on here with more pictures and updates soon. Realistically next update will be after Matthew starts school in the fall. We shall see. Maybe I'll post about something different :)


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