Thursday, December 17, 2009

new pictures!!

we have so much fun together :)

very dramatic!

Best buds!!

What a ham! (and what a mess! yikes)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


First of all, PLEASE...I need help deciding what to get my husband for Christmas. We decided to not spend more than $40 on each other. He likes Cleveland sports, and Chipotle...and that's about it - haha! I think I might get him a Chipotle gift card (or a gift card to a different restaurant he likes), a game he wants called Bananagrams, and a CD. His birthday is coming up in February, so I was thinking of getting him one 'big' gift then. Ughh...why do guys have to be so difficult to shop for!?

So, as we start to get more of a hold on this whole 'money thing'...I am suddenly struck with all the things I want to save money for. Here's a list:

1 - A HOUSE! We already have some $ saved for a down payment, and we actually just talked to Ryan Homes on Sunday ( ) and talked to a mortgage guy today about buying/building a house in Willoughby. We have lot #106 on hold. I love it! Honestly, I wasnt crazy about Ryan Homes at first because Ive always wanted a big yard for our kids and I dont like the idea of living in a neighborhood where all the houses are close together and all look pretty similar. would be brand spankin new, AND really modern and beautiful! Anyways, we could just add to our savings for a house.

2 - Decorations/furnishings for our future house. I would want new couches, and we may need some appliances if our future home doesn't come with everything we need (we own NO big appliances) - plus I would definitely NEED ;) to buy more/new decorations such as but not limited to things to decorate the kitchen, picture frames (for walls and for tables), and we may even need more cleaning supplies including laundry detergent etc, considering we've never really done our own laundry (Thanks to my wonderful in-laws!!). We will also need bins and boxes for packing/organizing.

3 - Missions Trip. God has put a desire on my heart ever since before, but especially I was a senior in High School. It is then, in 2005, when He told me that one day I would go to Cambodia...hasn't happened yet, but I think He really needs to prepare me first so that I may be used for HIS glory! My hope and prayer is that my family and I can go when our kids get a little older, so they can also have the experience of seeing lives change.

4 - Vacation. Shaun and I really enjoyed going to Vegas this past January and we recently saw a really good deal for a suite at MGM (75% off!), but I told him to pass it up since we are trying to get a house right now. We need to draw the line somewhere. seriously! I would love love love to go back to Europe someday, but I know that would cost a lot because not only do you have more expensive flights, but probably a rental car, a place to stay for at LEAST a week (otherwise its just not enough time to do everything!), all expenses for eating all meals and snacks, well you get the point! I told Shaun I would love to go to a bed and breakfast in every state, or at least states we've never been to together yet.

5 - CAR/S! Shaun has a 1996 Honda Accord, and I have a 2000 Chevy Cavalier - both are in okay shape, but they both have no A/C. I think they will both die at the same time...probably in a couple years. Until then, we will just have to fork out money 3 or 4 times a year for repairs. yuck! Im just ready for a new(er) car! Even anything 2005 or after is great for me!

I think that's all for my list?

Any comments? :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Just a collaboration of my thoughts:

A couple of weeks ago at church, we talked about how much time we spend on the internet, watching tv etc...and I already knew that I clearly spend way too much time on Facebook. I averaged out how much time I spend on there, and it ended up being about 9 hours a week! That following week, I got it down to only 3 1/2 hours (if I was doing my math right - haha)...well, for this past week I was on an average of 4 1/2 it went up, but that's still a whole lot better than it used to be!

I can not believe it is almost Christmas! I wish I took more pics at Thanksgiving, but I really wasnt feeling motivated. usually Aunt Karen takes lots of pics with her old fashioned film camera - haha - but they were out of town so Greg took some with his super fancy camera. Still only got one pic of me, and a couple of Matthew though. Last year we got professional pics for Christmas, but Im thinking we'll wait till after Christmas this time...maybe Ill just see if that could be my birthday gift - Matthew will be 18 months in February, and last time we got professionals, he was 4 months old I think. Somewhere around there at least.

We have so many leftovers its disgusting! We did a murder mystery dinner the night before Thanksgivig - I made a big thing of lasagna and a little one too just in case people wanted seconds. there was leftovers of the big one actually, since there was also salad, garlic bread we left the rest of the 'big pan' at Aunt Shelley's for them to have, and we took the little one with us. so that's what we had for lunch today.

Im kind of glad I had a coffee date in the afternoon today, because otherwise I probably would've been incredibly lazy all day. Its actually kind of nice out, but for some reason Sunday afternoons just make me want to sleep! Why is that?

We are looking at houses now, and we are hoping to buy before April so we can use the $8,000 tax credit thingy for first home buyers. Which means...One step closer to getting a DOG! :D My family growing up has had 2 dogs (seperate times), one cat, some gerbils, goldfish and a rabbit. Shaun however has had one rabbit, in his whole life. He just doesnt understand what it's like to have a pet that you love. But, maybe when we get a house he'll eventually suprise me with one, or just let me go get one! There's a really cute 8 month old female spaniel/labrador mix at the shelter by us - it says she's a very nice dog - there are also Australian Shepherd/Labrador mix puppies there right now! SO CUTE!
This one is Harry:

Okay, well Im done here...Ill try to write again soon :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

This is my son Matthew listening to his uncle playing Guitar. It was so cute (but I must admit, he is really pooping in this pic - haha!)

I was just talking to someone about how cool it is to have little siblings cuz I know they look up to me. My little sister (now 15 years old) knows that I will pray with her anytime, and we will often share what God is teaching us through His word and just life in general.

I think as Matthew gets older it will be awesome to have an older, but still kind of young uncle!

Friday, September 18, 2009

10 things:

10 Things I love:

1. Christian retreats

2. The feeling when you know you've made a difference in someone's day

3. God's holy word

4. Helping toddlers learn about who Jesus is

5. Learning from all your mistakes (big and small ones)

6. God's grace

7. Secrets (because it's better than gossip)

8. Overcoming spiritual warfare

9. Re-decorating

10. Knowing that you don't have to compare yourself to anybody

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

today's events

today: met up with my grandparents in Streetsboro while they were on their way from PA to Indiana. It was nice to see them, and they really enjoyed seeing Matthew of course. Maybe we will see them for Thanksgiving?

Met Leah at Bellasano for some lattes. Tried the new pumpkin spice and it was good but maybe needed to be a little sweeter and more pumpkin flavor. I always enjoy time with Leah :)

For dinner I made up my own recipe:
cook chicken on the stove with (canned) jalepenos and garlic seasoning
put in the crock pot with taco seasoning for 1/2 hour (on low)
add white beans and rice pilaf and cook on low for 15 or 20 minutes.

It was very yummy - but spicy. If you dont like spicy, dont do jalepenos, or only a small amount.

we borrowed Jason's truck tonight to pick up Grandma June's kitchen table that Grandma and Grandpa are graciously giving us. Its a lot smaller than the table we were using, but its newer and has 4 chairs (our old one only had 2). I picked some fresh flowers from Grandma June's garden to put on our new table :)

I REALLY REALLY want to paint the apartment since we are going to be here another year...BUT...Im such a procrastinator, plus that would take extra money and time :/

I did just rearrange and even with the new table, Im still not content. Just ready for a big change I guess. Its disappointing that Shaun couldnt get the job he wanted. We are super blessed though. God is so good!

Monday, September 14, 2009

crazy is normal

well, i guess I haven't written in a while. I must admit, it is mostly because of something I had previously written which I shouldn't have. I guess all I can say, is I hope I learned my lesson in revealing too much on a public blog. Oh well. lesson learned.

First of all - anyone have any advice on starting to wean Matthew off the bottle, and/or using time-outs/smacking his hand?
2nd - (HOPE NO MEN ARE READING THIS- lol) I have been having irregular bleeding between periods. Is it something that I should be worried about or is it common? (Ive never had it before)

hmmm...I don't know what to start with.
Yesterday was a crazy day, but lately crazy is normal. I wish I could say I had a relaxing morning, but even though we didn't have plans, I still had to get a birthday gift for my friend Emily's little boy Dylan who just turned one. We were going to his party at 2 and of course i had last minute shopping to do. I did however use my portion of the clothing budget for this month, and didn't feel guilty for it! (since we have been following a budget) I bought a cute long sleeve shirt and a wonderful pair of skinny jeans (which is my first pair). I really wanted a pair, not only cuz they're cute, but also cuz now that winter is approaching I wont look so silly tucking my pants into my boots.
Anyways...Just Matthew and I went to Dylan's party and it kills me that I dont really get to talk to Emily much at these parties, since Im too busy chasing Matthew around and she's busy with her 3 kids and the guests. Shaun didn't come because Vanessa and him were working on something for Shawn for the upcoming retreat he will be attending! Its called Koinonia, and we call it a 'short course in Christianity', although it is mostly Christians who attend. It is just a good refreshing weekend where you are blessed by other Christians (through them serving you meals and other suprises ;)). Theres worship, and 'talks' or messages. Theres time for communion and reflection. Its pretty amazing!! I am going to be on the womens weekend again in October. Im super excited!
After the party I came home for about an hour, then went to church. Thanks to Becky I was able to get a break from Matthew while he was in the nursery although I ended up keeping Kaden with me cuz he didnt want to be with the kids. I was glad to see Emily and Dave there. And there is a nice girl named Sarah that has been coming. I hope we can continue to get a few more people each month to come every week. (did that make sense?)
Steve Baird gave the message and shared his testimony again which is always amaizing. God has broken him of a drug and alcohol addiction and now he goes into prisons and ministers to the men there. Our church has commited to beking cookies for the inmates in the prison ministry.

Its SO SO SO nice to have a day off today - AND not have any plans - well, not till tonight at least. Im just focusing on cleaning up a bit, then will go grocery shopping and make a yummy dinner. I think I will use that steak I bought last week and whip up some carmelized onions and chipotle chiles with it and serve it in a tortilla like a burrito. mm...I cant wait :) I love food - lol.

I also have a recipe for a 'salad' using zuccini and cucumber, fresh lavendar and oregeno. I think I will make that to take over to my parents on wednesday. My grandparents are coming for a night, and Im so excited to see them! They live in Florida but in the summer they work in Maine (?) at a campgrounds. I think if they continue to do that every summer, they will continue to visit us on their way from Maine to Indiana (where my Papa is from originally). They have seen Matthew twice. Right after he was born (he was maybe 6 weeks old), then at Christmas time (he was 5 months old). So its been a while! He is completley different now! Walking, NO, running all over the place. He definitely has a personality of his own!
We have started time outs now, and I think he started his terrible 2's early. He is a handful, but luckily sleeping right now :) We are just trying to be consistent with not letting him do certain things, like push the buttons on the Tv, or hit us in the face. Yes, he already does that. Today I was going to change his diaper, which he hates, and before I could lay him down on the floor, he looks at me with an angry face and starts swinging his arms trying to hit my face. Oh boy....Im in for a fun journey! haha

Well, I guess I should start getting stuff dont now.
Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Where do I start? How much do I say?
I guess I should update after my last blog. I wont give detail because they are too painful, and Im sure there are people who would not want to know details. I dont mind talking about it, if someone is curious. Anyways...We lost the baby on Monday. I was 11 weeks along and everything looked great according to a couple ultrasounds we saw. One of them, being at the hospital that morning. I am not mad at God, but I am confused as to why He had us so optimistic earlier that day. The baby was moving around on the ultrasound, and the heartbeat looked great. My doctor says she thought maybe it was because the baby wasnt implanted very well into the uterus since they couldnt find anything on the ultrasound that morning. The good thing is that she doesnt think it will happen again since the baby was fine up until the actual miscarriage. My husband wants to keep trying soon so our kids will be 2 years apart in school. I decided that I would like to just keep doing what we did before. We are usually careful during the time of ovulation, and alll other times, we arent as careful. If we get pregnant, I am fine with that, and if we dont, Im fine with that too. Its all in God's hands.

All of this has make me think of my goals. I feel like the positive I can get out of this, is that I can workout more, and try to lose more weight before we do get pregnant again.I asked Shaun for a membership to the YMCA for Christmas, but he thinks I wouldnt get our moneys worth. I really would love to use the pool, and occasionally the weights or track. I would also love to cook more. I make a really good lasagna, meatball soup, chicken/veggie soup, and Shaun makes a good broccoli/cheddar soup, chicken parmesean, and spaghetti parmesean. A more non-realistic goals is to learn a foreign language. I would definitely learn German considering I took it in high school and Ive been to Germany and Switzerland. Its not that I couldnt have done these things being pregnant, but because I was so tired, it was hard to achieve my goals. Now I know I will have more time and energy.

I am excited to start volunteering for Hospice. We havent heard back from the coordinator after finishing our orientation, but she should be calling to let us know where they need volunteers to visit.

Passion/Holy week is upon us.
"See, my servant will prosper; he will be highly exalted. Many were amazed when they saw him beaten and bloodied, so disfigured one would scarcely know he was a person. And he will again startle many nations. Kings will stand speechless in his presence. For they will see what they had not previously been told about; they will understand what they had not heard about." - from Isaiah 52.
"He had done no wrong, and he never deceived anyone. But he was buried like a criminal; he was put in a rich man's grave" from Isaiah 53