Tuesday, February 23, 2010

mini vacations

What things did you and your spouse like to do while you were dating? Do you still have a regular date night, or occasional get-away?

My hubby and I like to go on mini-vacations. When we were dating, we went to Buffalo a couple times to visit some friends of his and we went up to Niagara to go sight seeing (and gambling). After we got married we went to Niagara, just the 2 of us, and 6 months after we had Matthew we went to Vegas with his parents. We've also been to Pittsburgh just for a weekend (to watch the Indians play there), and we've been to Columbus a few times (although most of those were to visit friends). We are planning a trip to Windsor in March. I told him that I would like to visit a bed and breakfast, or tour spot in each state, starting with the states around us. We are going to Windsor first because his parents got 2 free nights there, and they are giving us one of them. Im always sad to leave Matthew, but I enjoy time away too. Maybe we'll have to take one more get-away later in the year before we have another baby. We do have 2 local weddings this year, and 2 in Florida (one of them in which i am a bridesmaid for my cousin Brittany). Brittany's sister is getting married in September, so Ive heard . . . but I dont think we'll be able to go. I was thinking a good time to go down there before Britt's wedding would be May, or August. No other months work! Anytime before May would be not enough time to prepare, but maybe April would be possible...June and July we have a wedding here, and July is Matthew's birthday. August might be good because it would be before Shaun starts whatever full-time teaching job he will have. Im thinking it would be either just me, or all 3 of us. I dont think I would want to go by myself with Matthew (considering hes never been on a plane before). September wouldn't be good because of Shaun's future job, and Octobers not good due to certain reasons. November is Thanksgiving and December is Christmas. Britt's wedding is January 23rd. Well, so in conclusion, May or August would be good months. I guess I should figure all this out soon! Im looking forward to all the mini-vacations we will take this year!

(" Dear Lord, show me ways to nurture friendship with my spouse, so we can continue to enjoy each other through the passing years.
Is there anything you can take out of your life to allow space for your friendship with your spouse to grow?")


Kristen said...

Another baby in October?

WSpence said...

hhmmm...maybe. or maybe I'll just keep ya guessing. haha

Kristen said...

Haha. I guess I'll know in October!

WSpence said...

well, we're not telling too many people yet, so keep it on the DL - ALL of you who read my blog and know people that I know! ;)

Kristen said...

Your secret is safe with me!

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