Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Come, Holy Spirit"

A few weeks ago, Pastor Ken challenged us to pray a simple prayer each day..."Come, Holy Spirit". When I pray this, I get such a peace and I hope that the rest of our community will remember to pray it as well!

Today, er...yesterday, was my due date (the 26th) - My new prediction/s...Well, Friday would be nice because Shaun would have the whole weekend to be with us, then a whole week off, plus another weekend - But, I'm thinking November 2, 2010, will be the day. Why? well, only because on the 3rd, my OB would like to induce me. I'm hoping the baby will take that as a threat and come out before hand! Preferably labor would start anywhere from 9am till noon and maybe have the baby around 3 or 4, because it would be really nice to have the morning to relax and then have the evening for visitors to come! Hey, I can dream, cant I? :)


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