Friday, July 22, 2011

Day #4

...your favorite book:

Well, I'm not sure I can pin-point my favorite book but I can talk about the books I have read.

My favorite book in the Bible is Acts. I really love Paul and all of his adventures and how he is so courageous. I love toward the end when he gets shipwrecked. Not that I love this happened to him, but its just and exciting story that sounds like it could be made into a movie. It just really held my attention which is sort of hard to do when you're reading the Bible. Right now I am reading through the Corinthians. I am half-way through 2 Corinthians. Sometimes my husband and I read it together and sometimes I read it by myself. I haven't been reading it everyday like I wanted to, but it's still always uplifting and helping me to grow in my relationship with Christ.

In High School I used to love romance novels. My aunt would give my sister and I Christian romance novels when she was done with them. Then after I graduated, I was more into 'self-help' books. I really like Joyce Meyer's books. We have The Ransomed Heart by John Eldridge and some of his other books too. I kind of want to read 'The Case for Christ' and 'The Case for a Creator' but I'm not super motivated because I am back into the Romance Novel phase!

I have 3 books that were made into movies...'A Walk to Remember' (long time ago), 'Water for Elephants' and 'Breaking Dawn'. All really good books. I remember that the movie 'A Walk to Remember' was a little different than the book, but I liked them both. The book 'Water for Elephants' was a little boring to me at first and it took me a while to finish it, but once I got to the climax I was hooked. I loved the movie especially because I love Reese Witherspoon. I did really like Robert Pattinson in it too! I was worried when I heard they were making it a movie, that it would be rated R and would be a little inappropriate but they left the parts of the book out that I was appalled by. I loved 'Breaking Dawn'. It was the only book I read of the series, but I'd seen all the movies. I can't wait for it to come to theaters in November!!! I'm sure I'll be going with a group of ladies :)

Well, I guess that about wraps up my reading experiences...well a summary and the highlights at least. I can't write about EVERYTHING I've ever read.


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