Thursday, May 26, 2011

30 day(?) challenge

So, I stumbled across this 30 day challenge when I was looking at random blogs today. I think I would like to use it as a guideline for what I write about, but I KNOW I will not be able to write everyday. Maybe over the summer, when my husband is done teaching in another week, but don't want to make any promises since I'm a busy mom. Okay, so here's #1: "Discuss your current relationship..."
Shaun William Spence is my husband, best friend and the best Daddy to our 2 boys!
Want to hear the (short) story of how we met? :) Of course you do!
Well, it was 2005, the fall right after I graduated high school. It was his last year attending the local community college and my first semester. He was the Campus Crusade for Christ bible study leader and I was very intimidated by him at first since he was so smart (and serious). I was used to dating guys who were 'jokesters', if you will, and so I can't say I was immediately attracted to him, although now we joke with each other all the time. The 2nd or 3rd time I came to the bible study, I was the only person to show up besides him, so we just sat there and talked for a couple hours. We soon found that we liked some of the same bands, both love to play tennis, and even loved the movie 'Clifford' with Martin Short. (I know very few people who have seen this movie from the 80's, and if they have seen it, they usually hate it for some reason). Then we found out we had some mutual 'friends' we knew. The rest is history :)
Here are some pictures of us over the years:

Thank you God for blessing me such a godly man who serves You and puts others before himself! I am truly blessed!


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